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Company Brief
Founded in 1998, Vista Packaging Company is a leading glass bottle manufacturer in China. We commit ourselves to providing a wide variety of glass bottles and glass jars to the food and beverage industries. We can produce more than 2000 varieties of glass products and have 20 types of glass bottles in stock. Our annual output is 80,000 tons, about 450 million units of glass containers. In addition, Vista has a professional research and development team composed of a number of experts and senior engineers in the glass industry, who can customize glass products in accordance with customers' requirements, and offer professional glass packaging solutions for customers to raise the product value.

Vista is located in Shanghai, the biggest port city of China, which provides us with convenient transportation. In addition, we have our own logistics department, so we can easily transport our products to every country at a lower price. As a result, our wine glass bottle, drinking glass bottle, and glass jar are popular in America, Canada, Italy, Germany, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Iran, Mexico, and more.

Leaders in Glass Packaging
Our biggest advantage lies in that we can provide high quality glass packaging solutions in accordance with customers' special requirements. We mainly provide wine glass bottle, liquor glass bottle, drinking glass bottle, and glass jar. The volume of these glass containers ranges from 250ml to 1000ml. If you have special requirements for volume, we can customize products for you, and all of our glass products have been SGS certified. As our glass products are non-toxic, tasteless, resistant to heat and pressure, and easy to clean, they are extensively used for packaging honey, jam, wine, liquor, fruit juice, etc.

To provide high quality liquor glass bottle, wine glass bottle, and other glass products to customers, Vista has acquired advanced production equipment like a double-dripping bottle-making production line imported from OI and EMHART companies of America. In addition, we've adopted advanced formulas, computer-controlled kilns, an automatic inspection system, an electrically heated feedertrough, auto control technology of fuel gas, and cold-end coating and hot-end coating technologies. When glass products reach the end of their long life, the natural raw materials they're made from makes them easily recyclable.

In addition, Vista is concerned with environmental protection. Our dedicated staff monitors the substances produced in production so as to reduce industrial waste and environment pollution.

Advantages of Glass Packaging
1. Glass materials are good barriers to gases, which not only can prevent oxygen and other gas from altering the material inside the container, but also can stop the dissipation of volatile substances in the glass container.
2. Glass bottles can be used repeatedly, many times which can greatly lower packaging cost.
3. Glass is easily changeable, as to color and transparency.
4. Glass bottles are safe and clean, corrosion resistant and acid resistant, so they are suitable for packaging a variety of food products and drinks.

With many years of experience in producing glass products, Vista is fully capable of providing high quality and low-priced products to our customers. If you are in need of glass container, we welcome you to contact us!

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