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There are various reasons that cause the defects of glass container. In general, the defects are caused by glass composition, impact, errors in operation, and the defects of mould.

As a professional glass bottle manufacturer in China, we strictly control the quality of our glass bottle and glass jar in every step from the design of mould to the inspection of products. For instance, according to the characteristics of glass bottle, we choose appropriate materials to manufacture moulds and adjust these moulds for many times until they confirm to our requirements. We employ experienced workers to accurately mix materials and control the properties of melting glasses, like temperature, shape, etc. Additionally, we adopt advanced production lines made by OI and EMHART, and arrange proficient operating staff to operate them. To further ensure the quality of our products, we strictly inspect all finished products before they are packaged and unqualified products are not allowed to enter the market.

All of our liquor glass bottle, wine glass bottle, drinking glass bottle, and other products have been SGS certified, so you can use our products securely. If you are looking for these glass packaging products, please feel free to contact us! Vista will be your best choice!

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